A Timeless Experience: The Art of Customer Service in the Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Industry.

In the world of pre-owned luxury watches, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage, exceptional customer service becomes an important part of the narrative. At Timeless Luxury, we believe that the journey of acquiring a pre-owned timepiece should be as memorable as the watch itself. Maybe not quite this way however….

“Did I ever tell you the story about the pizza?”

Owner Simon Dodd has a thing for exceptional customer service. He does ‘walk the talk’. For Simon, customer service is the solid backbone of any business and the ‘story about the pizza’ is a perfect example of the effort he prides in taking with each and every interaction with his valued customers. 

Once upon a time.. a father wanted to mark a milestone in his son’s life with a special watch. A very special Tag Heuer watch from Timeless Luxury seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It was duly packed up and shipped off and the lucky young man was delighted to own his first luxury timepiece. 

Daylight saving time arrived and the set time on the watch needed to be adjusted, unfortunately for the Tag Heuer, it was attempted by the young man with a pair of pliers and the watch was damaged in the process. 

Simon was contacted and he was able to have the watch repaired at the client’s expense, and returned renewed to its young (and hopefully wiser) owner.  

Recognising that Simon had gone above and beyond ordinary customer service, the grateful client offered a free pizza from his business Salvito’s Pizza Bar for the next time he was in Nelson!  

But it doesn’t end there.

In all of Simon’s interactions with his customers he’s been struck by how often special luxury watches are purchased to mark important milestones. Simon’s exemplary customer focus and help with the damaged watch ensured that when the client wanted to mark other milestones, firstly another son’s special birthday, and then a reward for a valued employee. 


On being interviewed on this story, the client John stated;

 The appeal to me was buying something special. I bought the TAG watches second hand mostly because they are a little more unique…Thereafter, when buying a second hand 'special' watch the next most important thing was to be sure that I hadn’t bought a dud. Guarantees, warranties, authenticity etc etc became a really important factor. The after care support was very good. Simon was clear and honest and did what he said he would. The repair was carried out professionally…

I chose Simon again because I knew I could trust him for the reasons above.”

Customer Service, A ‘lost’ art? Not at Timeless Luxury. 

A Personalized Approach:

Simon understands that every customer is unique, just like the watches in his collection. Only ever a quick email away, he’d love to guide you through our curated selection, to ensure that you find a timepiece that perfectly aligns with your style, aspirations and budget. 

Expertise and Transparency:

Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. Owner, Simon Dodd is a watch enthusiast with an exceptional eye for a quality timepiece. He could quite happily discuss this subject for hours so please reach out for a chat about horology or to delve into his extensive knowledge of a pre-owned watch's history, condition, or provenance. He takes pride in educating and sharing his knowledge with his customers and the Timeless Luxury community, empowering them to make informed decisions that go beyond the glamour of brands.

Care Beyond the Sale: ABOVE AND BEYOND

As demonstrated already, Simon’s commitment to you extends far beyond the point of purchase. Every pre-owned luxury watch from Timeless Luxury comes with a promise of authenticity and quality. Our post-sale services include meticulous inspections prior to delivery, guidance on servicing, and a warranty on new watches, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

In the world of pre-owned luxury watches, where time is more than just a measurement, customer service becomes an art. At Timeless Luxury, our commitment is to not only offer exceptional timepieces but to craft experiences that go beyond the ticking hands of a watch.


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